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The original Z8 prototypes established Resolute as a force to be reckoned with. Our commitment to continually upgrading and improving design, construction and durability over the years has made this fast boat even faster. Components have been continuously improved resulting in superior durability and ease of use. The Z8 has consistently been the choice of top collegiate and junior programs for years.

Available in Super Lightweight, Lightweight, Midweight, Midweight XT, and Heavyweight models, every Z8 is fully fitted with carbon fiber seats, footstretchers, and either Euro style or Wing riggers (Our Wings are available in either Carbon Fiber *Out of stock until 2023 or Aluminum) .
Custom painting, rigging, and accessories are also available.


PRICING for 2022
Eights with Aluminum Euro or Wing Riggers   $42,640
Eights with Carbon Fiber Wing Riggers            $46,560

Super Light 8+ 50 ft 13.75 in 23 in 120-150 lbs
Light 8+ 53 ft 4 in 14.5 in 24 in 145-170 lbs
Mid 8+ 54 ft 1 in 14.75 in 24.5 in 165-195 lbs
XT 8+ 54 ft 1 in 14.75 in 24.5 in 165-205 lbs
Heavy 8+ 54 ft 11 in 15 in 29 in 195-225 lbs

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange