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The RESOLUTE Pair/Double is one of our newest boat models. It is available as a double, or as a pair, or as a pair/double. It utilizes the same hull shape philosophy that our original designers used to build incredibly fast, yet durable boats. Therefore, it is perfect for the elite racers who want to win medals at world class events or for novices who want to develop world class skills and might bump a dock or two. This boat currently comes standard with aluminum wing riggers and the new improved RESOLUTE footstretchers with EZ Gliders to facilitate ease of fore/aft adjustment.


PRICING for 2022
Pairs with Aluminum Wing Riggers (including steering)   $15,140
Double Sculls with Aluminum Wing Riggers (NO steering fitted)            $15,140
Pair/Double Combined with Aluminum Wing Sweep & Sculling Riggers (including steering)           $16,390

Hull Length Height Beam* Rower Weight
Light 2x 29ft 4.6in 8957mm 10.2in 243mm 16.4in 416mm 110-150lbs 50-68kg
Mid 2x 30ft 9.1in 9376mm 10.0in 253mm 17.3in 440mm 145-180lbs 66-82kg
Heavy 2x 32ft 8.5in 9971mm 10.2in 260mm 18.9in 481mm 175-235lbs 79-107kg

*beam measured at widest point at top of gunwale flange