Shoes - Shimano Carbon Fiber Rowing Shoes (KS-R700)

Shoes - Shimano Carbon Fiber Rowing Shoes (Style: KS-R700)



Compatible with KFR600, KFR601 and KFR500. 

Efficient Rowing

  • SRD700 Rowing Shoes are special shoes that engage with the SRD600 & 601 Foot Stretcher via a binding system.
  • The Virtual Pivot mechanism allows hard soles to be mounted to achieve high power efficiency from the recoil of the entire sole with each stroke.

Light Weight

  • The Cross Fiber carbon fiber sole reduces shoe weight by 30% from the KS-R600 Model. Its rigid sole prevents force from being diffused by collecting tread pressure to Virtual Pivot. 

Adjustable Cleat

  • You can adjust your foot stance with cleats installed on the sole.

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