Galvanized Resolute Boat Trailer

Galvanized Resolute Boat Trailer
*RESOLUTE Boat Trailer

RESOLUTE / Wright Racing Shell Side-Load Trailer

RESOLUTE has partnered with Wright Trailer in Seekonk, MA to offer the finest racing shell trailer available. This trailer has been designed and engineered by boatmen and coaches for boatmen and coaches. These are the people who have the most experience transporting racing shells and know what’s needed to get your program’s shells cross-county or cross-country to your next regatta safely, efficiently and without damage. Contact your Regional Z Rep for ordering details or to inquire about financing. 


  • Frame and Size – The frame, stanchions and crossbars are hot dipped galvanized steel. Galvanized steel combines maximum strength when compared to aluminum and, when galvanized, is also highly rust resistant. The trailer measures 38 feet 4 inches long, ball to bumper. This length can be increased to 44 feet with the Adjustable Rear Bumper. The frame is 5 feet 8 inches wide. The usable area inside the frame is 30 feet by 5 feet 2 inches.
  • Capabilities / Capacity – The RESOLUTE trailer has gross vehicle weight rating of 7,000 pounds. The curb weight of the trailer itself is 3,300 pounds. Therefore, it has the capacity to carry 3,700 pounds of boats, components, oars and accessories.
  • Three T-Style Offset Stanchions – This ‘Side Loader’ trailer has three stanchions that are constructed of 3 inch by 4 inch steel tubes. Each of these is offset to allow ease of loading boats in the middle of the trailer from the side and without having to thread them through multiple stanchions from the rear. This design reduces the risk of loading/unloading scratches and scrapes to the hull. This configuration will also support typical length racing singles and doubles. For shorter boats, an optional drop in rack assembly is available that can add a 4th removable stanchion.
  • Rear Adjustable Length Bumper with Lights – The rear bumper may be adjusted in length to accommodate a shorter load like fours, or extended when carrying eights. The goal is the best maneuverability length, as needed. The extension can add up to 6 feet to the overall length of the trailer and can be used to eliminate illegal overhang. Lights on the extendable bumper are full function for turn, brakes, running and hazards.
  • LED Lighting – Full LED lighting includes marker lights on the main frame, fenders, rear bumper and rear extendable bumper as well as upper marker lights on top level of support stanchions. Wiring is internal in all areas possible with split-loom wire coverings in higher exposure areas or conduit. Fender marker lights are also wired to operate with directional signals, brakes, hazards.
  • Axles – The trailer comes standard with two Dexter EZ Lube axles. Each axle is rated at 3,500 pounds. Dexter axles are among the best in the business and as the name implies, easily lubricated.
  • Brakes – Standard electric brakes, but option available for electric over hydraulic.
  • Wheels and Tires– The standard wheels are 15 X 6 galvanized steel, making them rust free. We provide ST225/75R 15 LRE 10 Ply Radial Tires on the trailer including the spare. Each tire is rated to 2,830 pounds which is what is typically found on a 10,000 pound trailer. The spare tire assembly is mounted in tongue.
  • Bolt-On Fabricated Fenders – Unlike welded-on fenders, if one of our bolt-on fabricated fenders become dented or damaged they may be easily individually replaced.
  • Steps – Two (2) large steps (8” x 24”) provide stable support forward of the wheels. Additional steps are available as options.
  • Adjustable Height Ball Coupler – Allows you to optimize trailer trim / trailer leveling regardless of different trailer hitch height of multiple different towing vehicles. Standard 2-5/16” ball.
  • Padded Boat Supports – The stanchions have four (4) levels of cross supports for 12 large boat slots, each of which is padded with high quality, UV stabilized rubber for optimal gunnel protection during transit. The cross bars are constructed out of 2 inch by 3 inch tubes with high quality rubber riveted along the full length.
  • Integrated End Caps – Each of the cross supports has welded integrated end caps to prevent tie-down straps from slipping off the end of the bar. They are constructed so as to allow for drainage of the cross bars.
  • Large D Rings – Six (6) large forged D rings on the outside of the frame can be used to anchor a launch or other particularly large/heavy cargo.
  • Pressure Treated Wood Floor – Rather than use diamond plate, steel mesh or plywood, we are using rigger/oar friendly pressure treated 2” x 8” boards. A slight space between boards is allowed to facilitate rain water drainage.
  • 7,000 Pound Drop Leg Jack – Our Drop Leg Tongue Jack has a wide base and is capable of supporting up to 7,000 pounds. It has several positions that are macro adjustable via a pin. Once the pin is in place, the jack is micro adjustable via a crank.
  • Anti-Scrape Rear Under-Bed Rollers – A distinctive feature on the RESOLUTE Racing Shell Trailer are the Rear Rollers mounted on the underside rear of the frame. Sooner or later, all of us towing boat trailers have had to navigate over low or uneven surfaces causing the rear of the trailer to drag. The Ant-Scrape Rear Under-Bed Rollers will minimize scraping and excessive trailer hitch strain.
  • Safety Chains – Standard
  • Breakaway Kit – Standard


  • Electric Hydraulic Brake Actuator – Includes upgraded heavy duty battery, special plumbing and wiring.
  • Drop-In Small Boat Rack Assembly– Sturdy frame attaches to each side of frame to provide a secure mounting for shorter boats.
  • Rub Rails and Pockets on Sides of Trailer – These are welded to the frame in front of and behind the wheel on each side of the trailer. Provide sturdy tie-down areas and protection.
  • Weight Distribution Hitch (Load levelers) – With mounting brackets
  • Diamond Plate Floor in Tongue Area – Allows for additional carrying space.
  • Diamond Plate Steps on Tongue Frames – Another option for safe boat loading.
  • LED Reverse/Flood Light* – (with separate switch) – A broadcast light mounted at the top of the rear most stanchion. Switch it on to light up the space behind your trailer when backing in at night. Second optional light also available.
  • Work Light on Stanchion* – (with separate switch) – These LED light strips are good for those dark nights or early mornings when you need to light up the interior of the trailer.  * Tow vehicle must have auxiliary power and reverse lights for proper operation.
  • Additional Bolt On Steps – More room for safe boat loading.
  • Lockable Aluminum Storage Chest – Features Diamond tread, gas shocks, stainless push button locks, tray and divider. 19inches high x 20 inches deep x 60 inches wide.
  • Lockable Polyethylene Storage Chest – Stainless steel hasp. Measures 22 ½ inches high x 19 inches deep x 44 inches wide.
  • Small Tie-Downs – Inside the trailer bed storage area for cargo netting attachment. Up to 30 hooks welded to frame.
  • Additional External Mounted Large D Rings – Forged D rings on the outside of the frame. Use to anchor a launch or other large/heavy cargo exterior.
  • Decal – School or Club name in 8 inch tall decals on either side of trailer. Multiple sets of decals, reflective vinyl and some custom colors also available.
  • Spare Parts Kit – Spare LEDs, rubber chocks and emergency triangle kit to make the trailer road ready.

Contact your Regional Z Rep for ordering details or to inquire about financing.