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Bottom line? Crews need boats. And sometimes shiny new boats are not in the budget. At Resolute, we want to make sure you and your team have access to boats that are the very best for your performance needs as well as your budget.


Here, you'll find a list of available previously-owned rowing shells. Whether you are interested in buying a used boat or selling one, we invite you to use this list as a reference point. See something you like? Contact us for all the details and we will help make the connection between buyer and seller. Used or new, Resolute boats make a great investment because they're Built To Last. You may, however, see a plethora of other boat brand listed here as well because we do offer a trade-in program. When you buy a new boat from us, we will happily list your old one here. 




2014  Resolute Intrepid Mid 4+ 145-200 $22k Excellent condition; not rowed at all last year. Learn More
2014 Resolute Intrepid  (Wing) XT8+ 165-205 $40k Fully loaded & equipped with Nike Omada and BAT Logic Learn More
2013 Resolute Intrepid  LW 8+ 145-165 $38k Great condition; rarely used since purchased in Spring '16. Includes wing riggers, mirror riggers to switch port/starboard stroke, seats, & Nike shoes with updated footplates. Learn More
2010 Resolute Intrepid (Euro) XT8+ 165-205 $25k Color: Red. Has X-Stiff Dreher Footstretchers Learn More
2008 Resolute Intrepid (Euro) Mid 8+ 165-195 $23k Has Carl Douglas riggers, has been well-kept and is in great condiiton. Learn More
2008 Resolute Intrepid Ultra LW 8+ Up to 145 $22k Fully refurbished at the Resolute factory and in pristine condition. Designed for lightweight women. Gunmetal black color.  Learn More
2007 Resolute Intrepid LW 8+ 145-170 $20k Light, clear coat, 12 riggers (CD), plate type stretchers. Learn More
2003  Resolute Intrepid LW 8+ 145-170 $16k Light, clear coat, 12 riggers (CD), plate type Dreher footplates, with tube type stretchers to go with boat. Learn More
2006 Vespoli E-Hull (Wing) EM8+ 155-185 $15k Riggers, footstretchers & seats all recently cleaned + parts replaced. No major repairs. Will have a functioning 3 speaker system & speed coach wiring Learn More
2007 Vespoli E-Hull (Wing) EM8+ 155-185 $15k White Wing Vespoli. Rowable immediately with brand new NK speaker wiring just installed. Rowed only in the fall seasons. Learn More
2014 Vespoli Matrix 27 H1X 175-205 $9k Color: Red. Serial # PE136E414. Transportable to northern climates; HOCR delivery possible. Well taken care of.  Learn More

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