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Resolute Adaptive

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The RESOLUTE Adaptive Mission

Cultivating a love of rowing is at our core. Our team at RESOLUTE Adaptive believes that physical setbacks shouldn’t disqualify individuals from pursuing a wide range of performance-based endeavors. We seek to change the dialogue in adaptive sport by creating products that improve the quality of athletic experience. By increasing comfort, improving ergonomics, optimizing safety and maximizing performance for para-athletes at all ranges of ability, we are RESOLUTE in our mission to make a difference in the lives of the athletes we serve. We are committed to a unique design approach, offering superbly crafted products made specifically to support adaptive sport lifestyles.                 


Our idea originated when we noticed that no new innovation had been developed in the area of adaptive rowing seats for over ten years. While some seats were available, too often their discomfort and inaccessibility deterred those who sought to participate in the sport. So we started dreaming and designing. It is our hope to empower veterans and those with disabilities while broadening the opportunities for more people to experience a passion for rowing. 

The Difference Is In The Details

Part of what makes Resolute Adaptive stand above the rest is our unique approach to both design and construction. Using advanced materials and resin systems, Resolute Adaptive is powered by innovative manufacturing methods that ensure accuracy while maximizing material utilization. Our use of carbon fiber composites offers a wide range of advantages, including light weight, stiffness, high strength-to-weight ratio, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance. Our seats and other products have been tested for comfort, durability and optimal performance to ensure a positive experience for para-athletes of all ability ranges. 


Resolute Adaptive is making great strides as part of a larger corporate commitment and mindset to advance innovation and dedicate further resources to para-athletes and adaptive sports.  The companies of High Performance Composites, Resolute Racing Shells, General Composites and Crawford Composites are united in their desire to give back and “Change The Dialogue” within the adaptive sport world. Our goal is to provide equipment that maximizes each individual's unique abilities. As we interact with and note new challenges that face adaptive athletes, we will continue to utilize our expertise and technology to provide cutting ­edge solutions.     > Learn More About Our Products


    • To fulfill our mission, we feel it is essential to give back to the amazing veterans who have sacrificed for our country. To that end, we continue to work diligently with community partners to benefit our country's heroes in their pursuit of optimal performance in everyday life and in sport.


                      The Independence Fund     Disabled Sports USA

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