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SYKES & RESOLUTE To Form New Joint Venture


SYKES + RESOLUTE Joint Venture Announcement


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Bristol, Rhode Island – March 14, 2019: SYKES Racing (“SYKES”) of Australia and RESOLUTE Racing Shells (“RESOLUTE”) are pleased to announce an agreement to establish a joint venture in the USA. This is a strategic partnership that will initially allow RESOLUTE to market a wider range of boats to North American customers.

Both SYKES & RESOLUTE already have well-established reputations for building very strong and stiff performance racing shells. SYKES has a great reputation for its comprehensive range of high quality, affordable rowing shells covering all needs from training through international competition.

Jeff Sturges, President and CEO of RESOLUTE said, “I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to join these two prestige boat brands together. SYKES brings over 5 decades of boat building experience backed by a very experienced engineering and design team to the partnership. SYKES boats have repeatedly proven themselves in international competition and we now have a full range of products to supply our customers in North America.”

Each company will bring unique expertise and innovation to the new venture. SYKES was founded in Australia in 1966 and is one of the few boat companies internationally to have successfully made the transition from timber to light weight composites. Sykes boats have been widely used in North America since the early 1990’s. RESOLUTE was founded in 1995 and quickly became the leader in utilizing advanced composite materials and engineering in rowing shells.

From the very beginning, both SYKES and RESOLUTE have been driven by one common never-ending mission: To make the best racing shells in the world. Ever-increasing performance isn’t just in our products, it’s our passion. By combining the world’s most successful rowers and coaches with internationally renowned hydrologists, ergonomics experts, marine architects, engineers and boat builders, our team continually advances the benchmark by which all other shells are judged – year after year.

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