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Sarasota Invitational Regatta

It doesn’t hurt that the Sarasota Invitational Regatta takes place on the beach-laden Florida coast. But what makes the regatta unique isn’t just its tropical, sun-soaked locale or even its national draw, but the new and unparalleled course, professionally tailored and internationally renowned. “No one has ever had a course like it,” Resolute’s Southeast Representative, Casey Baker, muses, “Everyone’s jaw drops when they first see it.” The regatta, which took place over the weekend of February 28-March 1, held its second-annual event and drew crowds from all over the country. With 2000 meters of professionally measured and tailored waters, the course is in a league of its own as it avoids the common unknowns of shifting currents, rough bends and uneven depths usually found in natural courses. In the Sarasota course, rowers have the change to blaze like lightning through the leveled depths and still waters.

The Youth Invitational took place all day on Saturday, followed by the Masters on Sunday. Baker, a rowing veteran and long-time Resolute aficionado, was present for the entirety of the event, representing Resolute as the shell supplier for out-of-state athletes. Baker explains that Resolute has the opportunity to serve participants by providing high-quality boats so they don’t have the cumbersome burden of bringing their own from out of state or having to labor through a second or third hand shell. Having set a quality standard though their participation in the 2014 regatta, Resolute was immediately asked back for the 2015 regatta.