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November Newsletter

Published: November 15, 2016

We Voted for Solid American Speed and Won.

With all the election drama, we are increasingly reminded that every vote counts -- and not just in politics. We vote with our dollars every time we buy groceries or purchase goods & services locally. We vote by doing our homework and investing in the things, people or brands that say something about what we value. Make your vote count this upcoming rowing season by investing in Resolute, an American brand with a reputation for longevity, value and performance. With current lead times hovering around the 12-week mark, we'd encourage you to place your end-of-year orders soon. Timely delivery isn't the only reason to start thinking of ordering your Resolute post haste. Ordering by the end of November also guarantees that you'll avoid a possible price increase after the first of the year.  Learn more by speaking with your regional  Resolute Z Sales Rep.

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