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2016 USRowing Convention

On Thursday Dec. 1, 2016, a team from Resolute & Resolute Adaptive attended the America Rows Inclusion and Adaptive Forum at the USRowing Convention in Springfield, MA.

"The America Rows Inclusion Forum provides an opportunity to explore diversity and inclusion strategies as they contribute to implementing safe and welcoming programs for all athletes, engage a broader demographic into the rowing experience, and improve program sustainability across all levels of the sport." (USRowing)

There, we also showcased the RESOLUTE Adaptive Seats during the “What’s New” exhibit. A big group surrounded our fixed seat with enthusiasm for the comfort, ingenuity, and performance it provides to para-athletes. The day was fast-paced and filled with energy as everyone challenged themselves to learn and absorb all the new technology in this rapidly changing sport. By offering a product that can be adapted to athletes with different abilities, we felt proud to be able to provide a resource for individuals to grow in their sport athletically and personally. The goal, at the end of the day, is to further the growth of the sport overall and provide options that are not one-size-fits-all so we can accommodate the unique needs of ALL rowers. Adaptible boat and seat configurations simply mean more people collectively on the water. 

The event was attended predominantly by adaptive equipment suppliers and coaches, showcasing new technology, educating on grants and fundraising, and featuring speakers & coaches from various community and recreational rowing programs. Paralympic coaches discussed the sustainability of adaptive rowing and how basic needs are to be met in spite of programs/schools who are inherently stretched for funds. The bottom line, accordingly to Amanda Krauss from Row New York is that these athletes need food, clothing and caring people in their lives, first and foremost. If programs can help provide these and some academic support, it helps the program flourish. CRI of Boston reminded attendees that programs involving people with disabilities need to be fun. Too often we look toward the 'compete to win' mentality, which self-limits the number of people who can fit into these categories and, in turn, limits the sustainability of these influential programs. Other topics from the event included the need for diversity training as rowing programs become more inclusive.