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John “Turtle” Telfeyan

John is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island School of Engineering and has been in the boat building industry for 39 years.  In 1995 when the first Resolute racing shells were built he was there. During his career which began in 1976, he has helped build over 100 custom, composite boats ranging from 14 to 105 feet. Most of these boats have been top level offshore racing sailboats including 9 America’s Cup Class boats. Using his many years of experience in composites, John has helped Resolute maintain the highest level of construction quality and helped make advancements in the equipment and hardware used to complete the Resolute package.

An avid aviation enthusiast and private pilot, since 2007 has also brought his knowledge and experience to Terrafugia, a company developing a new carbon fiber aircraft that uses the same high-tech composite construction.

Engineering Consultant