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CJ Bown

CJ’s great, great, great, grandfather founded a British shipbuilding company in 1852, so you could say this is probably CJ’s destiny. Introduced into rowing by his dad at an early age, CJ began rowing in high school during the summer of ’99.  He went on to successfully row and coach at Marquette University. 

In January of 2011, CJ realized that he didn’t want to wear pants to work every day so he dove into rowing full-time at one of the leading rowing manufacturers, where he sold boats through out the Mid-Atlantic. Finish Line offered a new opportunity for CJ to showcase his boat skills. Here CJ oversaw nationwide boat repairs and sales.  Now at Rowers Choice, in addition to drinking a lot of coffee,  CJ is excited to support his sales team across the US as they expand and grow.

Outside of rowing, CJ is married to Carrie and has two children, Henry and Zara, and from time to time is known to be seen photographing concerts around the midwest.

Vice President