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With flexible terms and a low interest rate, you can stay focused on the important things: Getting on the water in a boat that's built to last...and built to go FAST

Our extraordinarily versatile financing options ensure RESOLUTE remains as affordable as possible. We will finance your RESOLUTE purchase for up to 6 years with as little as 10% down payment and no pre-payment penalty. More successful than expected with your fundraising goals? Unexpected donation? Pay off the entire boat -- with no penalty! Payment schedules are determined by each customer and may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We are happy to conform the schedule to your program’s cash flows.


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Long-Term, You’ll Be Taking Advantage of the Best Performance and Best Value in the Industry.

Simply put, RESOLUTES hold their value and depreciate far less than any other racing shell. Our standard depreciation is typically 10% after the first year and 5% per year thereafter. After 6 years, a RESOLUTE is still worth approximately 65% of its purchase price as evidenced by transactions on our Classifieds and Row2K. We're so confident you'll get at least that much time competitively rowing your RESOLUTE, we are also proud to honor an industry-first 7-YEAR HULL WARRANTY

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No matter what, we want to make you receive that return on your investment. We will always agree to trade-in a used RESOLUTE for a new one at 60% of the calculated retail value at any time (assuming reasonable wear and tear). 

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Perhaps no statistic is better at informing our customers of RESOLUTE'S overall value than the cost per year of useful competition life. Other boats can often only stay highly competitive for 1-3 years as a top boat. In fact, European boat lifespans are often artificially extended as they are used only used in competition -- not in practice -- because of their fragile nature, difficult repairs and overseas customer service. 

RESOLUTE IS DIFFERENT. We offer a significant value to our customers because our boats are designed to stay competitive distinctively longer. 

We consistently see crews racing strong at the varsity level in RESOLUTE boats that are 10, 12, even 15 years old. These crews know that an investment in RESOLUTE is a great long-term value by a remarkably wide margin. In part, that’s because our boats remain stiff and, therefore, race-worthy at least three times longer than competing brands. Our industry-leading 7-Year Hull Warranty is reflective of that fact. Run the numbers and it’s pretty clear to see how shockingly affordable it is to row RESOLUTE, especially when its functional lifespan (or race-span) is accounted for. Not convinced? Take our Black Z One, the first boat ever built by RESOLUTE, as an example. It is still racing and placing at over 20 years old! Don’t forget we can help keep your boat in tip-top shape over all those years with our refurbishment packages and in-house repair services

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Crews row RESOLUTE because of the long racing legacy they're sure to sustain. Our hull-warranty is a full seven years so you can depend on RESOLUTE to provide a shell that’s race-worthy for many lucky seasons.


We are so confident in the performance and craftsmanship of our boats, we honor the remaining warranty even if the boat transfers to a new owner. 

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