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Statement from Resolute



Statement of Resolute Racing

Resolute Racing Shells is a company dedicated to building fast boats that aid people in realizing hopes and dreams.  Competitive sports are an opportunity to develop and demonstrate character, to create pride about ones community, and to learn how to achieve excellence in every walk of life.  We are acutely aware of, and indeed welcome, the long-needed national discussion about institutional racism, unconscious bias, income inequality, and privilege, as they relate to sport and to the broader world.  


Training Novices


Training junior novices

A novice juniors coach is one of the hardest, and perhaps the most undervalued job in all of rowing.  



Coaching for the future to find success in the present.

Rowers are extremely competitive people. Every rowing team starts out each season wanting to win every race.  However, if the focus is purely on results, your season can unravel pretty quickly.  To be successful with consistency, especially at the junior level, winning has to be a byproduct of what you do and not the only objective. When the top priorities are development and improvement, the appropriate results on the water begin to take care of themselves.