Statement from Resolute



Statement of Resolute Racing

Resolute Racing Shells is a company dedicated to building fast boats that aid people in realizing hopes and dreams.  Competitive sports are an opportunity to develop and demonstrate character, to create pride about ones community, and to learn how to achieve excellence in every walk of life.  We are acutely aware of, and indeed welcome, the long-needed national discussion about institutional racism, unconscious bias, income inequality, and privilege, as they relate to sport and to the broader world.  

Part of this journey involves listening carefully to voices and points of view that are too often not heard even though they have been speaking truth for some time.  In a way, we must all join together to retell our history to reflect our truer selves as a rowing community and as a nation.  This is not easy.  But it is very necessary.  And no person trying to contribute positively to that discussion should be shouted down or shamed.

The Resolute Racing family strongly condemns the comments of one of its former owners on social media recently.  The sentiments conveyed are not shared by the company or any of the people involved.  

Resolute Racing has been under new ownership since June 2019.  The Resolute Adaptive business was not part of our acquisition and remains with its original founders. 

Since June 2019 we have committed to expanding access to rowing and to our finest Resolute shells among minority and disadvantaged communities.  We have joined forces with Sykes USA to create positive change in our rowing community with innovative content on training, coaching, community building, and these issues of diversity in rowing.

The Resolute Racing family recognizes that competitive rowing is not as accessible as it should be.  We are committed to change.  We invite customers, athletes, coaches, and advocate to reach out to us with ideas and suggestions for how we can all continue positive dialogue and make necessary change.