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The San Diego Crew Classic: A Sunny Kickoff To a Great Season

Set in sunny southern California, last week’s San Diego Crew Classic was a treat for those of us at Resolute who made the cross country trek from cold and snowy New England. The regatta draws over 4,000 participants annually from 130 programs including juniors, collegiate, alumni, masters and adaptive rowers across the United States. For many, the SDCC is a marked heralding of spring and rowing season as it maintains its place as the first main regatta of the year. This year, we joined thousands friends, family and fellow athletes along the sandy coast, encouraging and cheering on our teams. While as rowing enthusiasts we’d happily join the regatta for fun, part of our participation this year was providing boats and support for over 25 teams who raced Resolutes in the regatta—many of whom took home some of the top medals! We had a blast and would love to congratulate all of our athletes. We look forward to seeing you again next year!