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#ResoluteNation Photo Contest at HOCR 2016

Head of the Charles is coming up and we know what an exciting time of year that is! Cheering you on and sharing your crew's successes on social media is part of building our RESOLUTE rowing family. We would love to know what event(s) your crew is rowing at HOCR this year so we can cheer you on, support your crew and share your results. Two ways you can do that:


Share your favorite HOCR images (or those leading up to the event) on Instagram using the #RESOLUTENATION hashtag and tag @resoluteracing in your race images for a chance to win a RESOLUTE fleece! Not only will the tag alert us to support you at the big event, you will also automatically be entered in our drawing. The more times you tag, the more chances to win. Drawing will take place one week after HOCR.


Not on instagram? That's ok. We get it. Just email your photo to for consideration. 

Even if you're not participating in the photo contest, we'd love to know if you're rowing RESOLUTE so we can show our support on race day. EMAIL US your event, event number, scheduled start time, and your bow number. We'll post it at our HOCR 2016 event page and spread the word to help maximize your support on race day.

Learn more about RESOLUTE at HOCR 2016 here and keep checking back for updates. 

You could win this Resolute fleece just by telling us what you're rowing at HOCR! Enter the contest.