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RESOLUTE Adaptive at the 12th Annual Kelly Brush Ride for Athletes With Spinal Cord Injuries

This past weekend, we were thrilled to take part in an event that embodies our mission on so many levels: The 12th Annual Kelly Brush Ride. The event humbly began as a fundraiser organized by the Middlebury College Alpine Ski Team in 2006 in support of their teammate, Kelly Brush, who sustained a spinal cord injury in an alpine skiing accident that left her paralyzed. Since then, the Kelly Brush Foundation has helped hundreds of athletes with paralysis through the purchase of adaptive sports equipment, and has improved ski racing safety for many more. Kelly turned a personal tragedy into a passion for helping others, and we were eager to switch gears from our typical rowing stance and ride for a great cause.


Kelly Brush Ride Start


This year’s ride was a huge success, drawing over 800 participants and raising over $500,000 to provide sporting equipment to adaptive athletes across the spectrum. With 20, 50 and 100 mile routes surrounding the Middlebury campus, there was a ride for everybody.

Jeff Sturges, RESOLUTE President & CEO, took part in the event, riding 50 miles in support of the foundation’s initiatives and offering a generous donation on behalf of RESOLUTE & RESOLUTE Adaptive. The event was particularly memorable for Sturges, as it allowed him the chance to be reacquainted with Kelly’s dad and former Middlebury lacrosse teammate in 1968 and 1969, Charlie Brush.


Jeff and Kelly at KBF Ride


Since RESOLUTE & RESOLUTE Adaptive share a similar mission to provide high-performance equipment to athletes with disabiltiies, we wanted to donate two sets of Softwheels at the event; one for Kelly herself, and another to the Foundation. Softwheels are just one of several high-performance adaptive products offered through RESOLUTE Adaptive. Compatible with virtually any wheelchair frame, Softwheel allows riders to achieve the ultimate combination of comfort & performance, vastly improving energy-efficiency and significantly reducing impact on the spine. “Even though Kelly and her family were, of course, quite busy throughout the day, I was able to show them a set of the Softwheels and they were most appreciative of our donation,” Sturges said.

You can learn more about the Kelly Brush Foundation or watch Kelly’s Story here.


Kelly Brush Ride Thank You