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Proud to be Made In The USA

Many of our customers and followers know that RESOLUTE is proud to be made in America, but what does that stamp of pride really mean? With so many other products coming from carbon-copy factory mills overseas, our commitment to our craft, coupled with the American-Made tag is something that not only sets us apart, it is something inherent to our brand. By its very definition, to be RESOLUTE is to be admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. One tour of our Rhode Island factory will demonstrate that each member of our team, as well as every step in our process, is driven toward that very premise.

Like any “craft” operation from craft leather goods to homegrown food fare or craft beer, ours is a labor of love that starts with sourcing only the best ingredients. Our unidirectional carbon fiber, carbon fiber twill, adhesive films, and core are all sourced domestically. Our carbon is treated like royalty; it comes in rolls, arriving in a refrigerated truck and safely stored in special freezers because we use carbon fiber pre-impregnated with epoxy resin (pre-preg).  The carbon is manufactured with an exact ratio of resin to create the best possible resin-to-fiber ratio. Too much, and you get a heavy boat, too little and there’s a higher risk of delamination.

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RESOLUTE employs 16-18 team members across four departments to construct the world’s fastest, stiffest and longest-lasting racing shells right here in our Rhode Island factory. Every step a boat undergoes throughout that process is carefully choreographed to ensure maximal strength with minimal weight. With over 300 hours of labor in each boat, it’s clear that RESOLUTE takes no shortcuts. Once our Z Sales Team has had an opportunity to advise on the right boats for a given crew, a new boat begins in our Lamination area.

(Learn more about our process by watching our factory video HERE).

From there, the boat moves on to Assembly, then to the Paint department. Nothing hand-crafted would be as special without room for a little variation and customization. RESOLUTE is among the few boat builders able to use a nearly infinite degree of custom color options.

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Before the boat reaches completion, it spends time in our Rigging department where it is fine-tuned to exact customer specifications. While some other builders simply ship a boat off to a customer with a box of parts, we are unique in that we rig to a customer’s specifications right at the factory so it is race-ready from the moment it is delivered. No worries about spread, pin pitch or pin height; our custom boats come rigged-to-order and, ideally, with one of our reps on-site at time of delivery so we can ensure an optimal first test-drive. 

Sure, they may cost a little more because they cost us more to craft; both in terms of the aerospace-grade materials we use, as well as the extra labor it takes to make a truly better boat. Like any craft item you buy, remember that there is value in choosing to purchase from a small-batch operation that sources materials and employs with integrity. It is an investment that will pay huge dividends in terms of future usage. With a competitive lifespan three times that of other manufacturers, coupled with incredibly flexible payment options, we’d argue that buying an American-made RESOLUTE is worth the investment every time.

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“American Made With American Attitude”

So how is it that we can construct the some of the world’s best racing shells right here in Bristol, Rhode Island? It’s because we don’t take shortcuts, and everyone in our operation knows what it takes. It’s because, deep down, we want to see our boats win races year after year, like the Black Z One (still winning races after more than 20 years). It’s because we are RESOLUTE: resilient, determined, unwavering. We don’t settle for less. We are Solid. American. Speed.

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• Stay tuned for our profile article in the September 2016 edition of Coxing Magazine. They went behind the scenes for a factory tour at RESOLUTE and the article is extraordinarily informative.
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