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A Shoe For Every Crew: New Premium Rowing Shoes at RESOLUTE

RESOLUTE is proud to offer an array of rowing shoe options to fit the budget and performance needs of every rower. Included with every boat purchase is our most basic model of rowing shoe, but many crews desire something more performance-oriented -- and since optimal performance is the name of the game at RESOLUTE, we've got the shoe for every crew. 

Shimano Flex Sole Rowing ShoeOur most popular is Shimano's premium carbon fiber rowing shoe. This rigid-soled shoe (and Shimano's lesser-priced plastic alternative, which we also carry) is compatible with Shimano's virtual pivot binding unit which mounts directly to the RESOLUTE footboard. This month, Shimano released its latest innovation, an all-new Flexible rowing shoe with a FISA-approved quick-release system. The cleat system mounts directly to our footboard with Shimano's quick-release binding unit and allows rowers to use shoes specifically sized to fit their own feet, while optimizing rowing performance, hygiene and comfort. 


Now, in additional to the Shimano premium shoe options we carry, we've added another high-end offering to the mix. New to our line-up are the Project B rowing shoes by BATLogic & BONT. 

BONT Project B Rowing Shoe

The collaboration between BAT Logic & Bont Rowing was based on a desire to focus on the athlete's connection points to the boat, and we feel they succeeded in that mission with the Project B Rowing Shoe. As a result, we have opted to add it to our array of shoe options when you choose to #rowRESOLUTE. Their shoe design is based on 20,000 athlete foot scans and a dizzying amount of rowing-specific foot force data. The innovative carbon fiber split sole coupled with its comfort-yielding hydrophobic memory foam yields excellent force transfer with extremely light weight.


We put the Project B's to the test last week and here's what we found:

  • Solid transfer of power from the carbon fiber and split sole design
  • Straps – Nice and wide with good holding power and well-placed. Wide forefoot can be snugged with the straps.
  • Memory Foam Insole – Very comfortable.
  • Tongue-less Wrap – Very comfortable.
  • Heel Cup – Deep and provides very good heel lock.

At the end of the day, the shoe has to fit the crew. We aim to provide the very best options at every price point and performance level. Please don't hesitate to contact your regional Z Sales Rep for details on your rowing shoe choices and more.