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Pick a Color, Any Color

Want a custom color for your boat?

You've come to the right place. One look at the Casitas Rowing team in Lake Casitas, California, and it's easy to see how a custom color can make your program stand out on the water. 

Ordering a new boat with a custom color is easy with Resolute. You simply provide us with the color swatch, PMS color, or automotive color (with the make, model, year & color name) of the shade you'd like. We order a small sample, and send you a paint chip for review. Most of the time we get it right on the first try, but sometimes a color may need a bit of adjustment. We won't pull the trigger until you're completely satisfied. Once we have your approvial, we order the color in quanity and VOILA. Charges range from $500 on up depending on the size of the boat. Chat with your sales rep if you have any questions about our custom color process. We'd love to help you stand out in your RESOLUTE! 



What is RESOLUTE’s standard color?  
The color that we call Intrepid Platinum is a very dark metallic gray.  It is actually called Cana di Fucile Metallic, which is Gun Metal Gray in Italian. It is actually a Ferrari color.

Why can we get so many different colors from RESOLUTE and not from some other competitors? 
Some competitors still use a wet layup process which means that the color comes from the gelcoat, and is only available in a few colors.  It also means that they can’t improve laminar flow by wet sanding as the gelcoat is thin and part of the boat structure.

Can RESOLUTE match my program’s special color? 
Yes. We can do color matching. We will order a small amount of the custom color(s) needed and paint a chip which is sent to the customer for their approval. The Sherman Williams color pallet is virtually unlimited. As these are automotive paints, find a color you like on a car, send us the make, model, and year and the manufacturer’s name for the color and we will order the color and paint a chip for approval.

Why does RESOLUTE charge more for custom paint? 
First, custom paint colors cost us more. Second, the ordering and approval process a custom paint takes more time and sometimes upsets the production schedule.

What does paint weigh? 
Interestingly enough, metallic colors weigh less than solid colors.  A solid color could add up to 12 pounds on an 8+ while a metallic color would add only 8 to 10 pounds. We recommend metallic colors for light weight and striking appearance.

Do you still paint clear? 
Yes, but we charge more for clear than for a custom color as it requires more preproduction work.

What is the production process? 
Two layers of color followed by two layers of UV Clear Coat are applied in our 75 foot long paint booth. The booth contains 2 one-million BTU heaters which can cure each coat of paint in about an hour. After each coat the boat is sanded and buffed.

How durable is RESOLUTE paint? Can I store my boat outside? Will it fade? 
When people ask me this question, I ask them where do your store your car?  RESOLUTE paint is as durable as any car color.  Some colors, especially some reds do seem to fade quicker than some other colors when exposed to UV. You can certainly store your boat outside, but inside storage seems to be preferred when available to keep the wet sanded hull as clean as possible and functioning to its’ optimum.



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