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Make Your Old RESOLUTE Look & Perform Like New Again

Resolute Refurbishment Programs

How can you make your old boat look & perform like new again? The team at RESOLUTE has been known to work magic in the refurbishment department.

RESOLUTE Racing Shells are incredibly well constructed by design. Not only are our boats built to go fast; they’re built to last. As a result, the competitive lifespan of our boats is unsurpassed. Many are still winning races after twenty years and more. One of the features that stands out about our boats is that they do not lose their stiffness over time. While the performance value of our hulls is guaranteed with our industry-exclusive 7-year Hull Warranty, the wear and tear of frequent use can cause the cosmetic appearance of any boat to diminish over time. Hardware & other parts, especially those exposed to a saltwater environment, do require periodic replacement. To preserve the value of your investment, RESOLUTE offers programs to restore your high performance racing shell to like-new appearance and function. We sell refurbishment packages with our new boats, or can provide a custom estimate on a pre-owned boat. Here's how it works:

  • Drop off your boat at RESOLUTE or arrange for a pick-up.
  • We will provide you with a detailed quote within a couple of business days. This quote will include the work we recommend so you can choose the level of refurbishment you desire.
  • We know you'll miss your boat. That's why we work quickly to ensure we get started as soon as possible after receipt of partial payment. 
  • When it's all done, you'll have an optimally-performing old boat with that new boat smell. :)

Have questions or want to schedule your refurb? Please contact your regional representative and be sure to check out a few of our testimonials here

Want more info? Connect with us in the RESOLUTE Zone where you'll find resources galore, plus a way for you to ask us all your burning questions. 


Jeff Sturges – Jeff took the helm at Resolute in the fall of 2010 and brought with him over 25 years of experience coaching and competing, as well as an extensive background in carbon fiber manufacturing. A regular Masters 1x competitor, he has participated in over a dozen Head of the Charles regattas, is a Level III certified coach, and is Vice President of the Quinsigamond Rowing Club. While his administrative duties, in conjunction with the management of the Northeast Sales, don't leave a lot of extra time, Jeff enjoys getting back out on the soccer field, leading the RESOLUTE downhill ski racing team, and–of course–rowing.