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Head Racing Season Calls For The Shark Fin

Summer rowing season is winding down and it’s time to start preparation for the fall head racing season. Head racing is a class all on its own, with a widely different set of skills, physiological adaptations and course-specific race strategies. A boat that’s fast on one course doesn’t necessarily mean it will finish swiftly on another. In addition to alterations in your training regimen, aerobic capacity and weather preparedness for the longer fall races, specialized equipment can help up the ante on your competitive game. We’re pretty confident there’s no better tool for the job than the RESOLUTE shark fin. (You can read more about choosing the best rudders & skegs for your row, including the shark fin, here in this guide).

Head Racing Season Calls For The Shark

Regular skegs & rudders simply don’t cut it. The twists and turns of races like the Head of the Charles, for instance, were seemingly made for the shark fin’s exceptional turning capabilities.

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Have you ever felt your boat stall on the curve? That’s your current fin system acting as a brake, stalling on the downflow side and creating turbulence because the cox had to crank the steering by ten or more degrees. The result? A huge loss of efficiency.

The RESOLUTE shark fin, by contrast, only needs to be turned 2-4 degrees and maintains its flow, cutting through the water without extraneous turbulence. Fewer degrees may equate to more sensitive steering, and requires a finesse that comes with practice. But the benefit could mean the difference between moving like shark through the water or like a manatee. With at least 30% greater hydrodynamic efficiency, the shark fin won’t slow the boat down to the make the turn, but it will make a great addition to the fall rowing equipment quiver.

Speaking of parts, now is a good time to remind crews racing RESOLUTE to stock up on spares for the upcoming season. Don’t be caught without spare rudders & skegs, nuts & bolts. As always, give one of our regional reps a call to talk shop. Our experts can always advise on the best tools for your crew’s rowing arsenal.

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