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An Exciting New Venture: Resolute Adaptive

Cultivating the love of rowing is at the heart of Resolute. We believe that physical setbacks shouldn’t disable people from quality of life and physical activity, which is why we’re excited about our newest mission: To be innovators and advocates of the adaptive rowing community by developing unique and comfortable seats for athletes.

Our idea originated when we noticed that no new innovation had been developed in the area of adaptive rowing seats for over ten years. While some seats were available, often times the discomfort and inaccessibility of them became deterrents for those who sought to participate in adaptive rowing. So we started dreaming and designing.

The Sarasota Invitational Regatta took place from February 28-March 1. One of the many things that made this regatta special for us was the opportunity to try our seats out on the water. After the regatta, a number of world-class athletes were able to give us invaluable feedback on how to improve upon our design. Additionally, the development of the seat has catalyzed a new initiative: Resolute Adaptive—a brand in itself with a focus on adaptive sports, run for and entirely by adaptive athletes. The hope would be to empower veterans and those with disabilities and to broaden the opportunities for more people to participate in the love of rowing. We’re thrilled to launch the adaptive seat in June and Resolute Adaptive soon after!