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Cut the Curves with the Canard Fin - Now Available on Sweep Boats


After having installed Canard Fins on several boats initially used at HOCR with amazing, positive results, we are now offering a Canard Fin retrofit as an available option on our all of our sweep boats! The concept of the canard comes to us from aeronautics, where it is defined as, "A small winglike projection attached to an aircraft forward of the main wing to provide extra stability or control." In rowing, adding a Canard Fin offers:

  • Quicker steering on a course with multiple and/or sharp turns like the Head of the Charles.
  • Better tracking on straight line 2000 meter courses when you are fighting a cross wind.


Cut the Curves with the Canard Fin

Sweep boats tend to skid when making a sharp turn. To combat this, we precision fit an additional fin box underneath the bow seat of our sweep boats, especially eights. Then we friction fit insert a canard: a wing-shaped, foiled fin designed to create lift and forward movement. The canard fin minimizes that skid so the boat travels in a more direct line, covering less distance and requiring less time to do so. 

By way of background, Adrian Ellison, Olympic Gold Medalist and cox for the HOCR record setting Molesey Boat Club, asked us to put a canard fin on his 2015 HOCR entry. (He used it effectively to win HOCR that year, and has won it four separate times in RESOLUTES).

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Adrian felt that this substantially aided his abrupt maneuvering when he passed other boats, especially when used in conjunction with our Shark Fin (80% Rudder) and that it also helped him maintain a point during straight sections where he encountered cross winds. 

Canard Fin Benefits:

  • Less skidding when making sharp turns.
  • Boat covers a more direct line and, therefore, travels less distance.
  • Faster through the curves.
  • Better able to maintain a point on a straight line course, which is especially important when pushed by heavy cross winds.

Now Available

This is now an available option on any new RESOLUTE eight or four and may also be added as a retrofit on existing boats of any age. A complete fin box retrofit for the Canard fin can usually be done within a week or so once scheduled. Priced at $755. Contact your Z Sales Representative to learn more.