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6 Critical Factors Every Team Should Consider When Buying a New Boat

Like any big purchase, buying a rowing shell requires some planning and consideration. Each team's rubric of priorities will differ, of course, but there are some factors to keep in mind that will help steer the decision making process. Price tags on shells, whether they are new or used, can vary dramatically. It can be easy to make a decision on base price alone, but these other factors can play a huge role in determining which boat is really right for your crew:


What is the price of the boat compared to its overall longevity? Is its value over its competitive lifespan maintained? What is the boat's cost per seat over time?

Boats that are difficult to get parts for, that are easily damaged, or that don't hold their value upon resale may not be a solid investment. With Resolute, you get a shell that depreciates far less than any other brand. A quick glance at the Row2K classifieds shows that Resolutes hold their value for many more years than any competing brand. Additionally, our ease of acquisition is facilitated by financing of up to 6 years. Couple that with an industry-leading hull warranty of 7 years, and it's clear that Resolute's value over time is virtually unmatched. 

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Is the boat able to withstand unforeseen accidents? How easily can repairs be faciliated? And what is the environmental impact of construction? 

We have seen Resolutes withstand windstorms and be back on the water with no damage after trees have fallen on them. Field repairs are quick and simple, and assistance is always just a phone call away. Our durability promise is backed by our 7-Year Hull Warranty.

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What is the theoretical top speed of the boat?

We may not be impartial, but the times don't lie. 5:23.6 is still the second fastest collegiate 2,000 meter time ever in flat water and we're proud it was in a Resolute. 

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Are the coxswain and crew all comfortable? Is the "feel" like a well-tuned piano? The boat's rowability should allow the crew to attain its full potential. Resolutes are crafted with a wave-piercing bow for low-rocking. The crew feels comfortable and in tune with the boat. 

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How easy/possible is it to adjust or customize each element of the rigging for the crew (regardless of height, weight, strength, spread)? Some coaches underestimate the need for adjustability in their shells. But fine-tuning can elicit huge gains on the race course. Resolute factory-rigs to each customer's specifications by seat. The spread, pin pitch, footstretchers, etc. are all race-ready right from the factory. Our EZ Gliders facilitate footstretcher ease of fore/aft adjustment, and our pin snapper pin washers facilitate oarlock height adjustment. Torso adjustments in a Resolute can be modified using our snap-in/snap-out seat pads, and our wing riggers' trim is fully adjustable fore and aft. Additionally, teams have their choice of skeg/rudder combinations to accommodate straight-line or curved head courses. 

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Customer Service

What is the process for obtaining replacement parts? Are they reasonably priced and available overnight? What about repair services or on-site services at your regattas?

We take great pride in our world-class customer service. Knowledgeable service personnel are available 24/7 at Resolute to answer questions, and we know how important it is to get parts shipped overnight whether you're just training or in a bind at a big regatta. Quick turnaround is our standard for critical boat repairs. 

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If you neglect to consider even one of these, there’s a good chance you’ll be dissatisfied at some point over the life of your purchase. Our advice? Find the provider who will perform with excellence at all times over the entire life of the boat. Each and every purchase is an investment in tomorrow and in the members of your crew. Make it count.