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Congratulations to the 2015 HOCR Winners in RESOLUTE!

It was a big weekend for Resolute Racing shells at Head of the Charles Regatta. We were so humbled to watch and cheer on our customers & their crews as they went on to win over 98% of their races!! Resolute boats represented 7 Gold Medals, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal this year!

And the crews didn't stop at just winning -- Molesey Boat Club shattered course records in their Resolute boats as well. Molesey men broke a course record, leaving the Molesey Boat Club's men and women now each holding an HOCR course record:

HOCR Course Records

Two decades ago, we promised to design a faster hull that would last longer than the competition. And this year's Head of the Charles gave us proof that our designs stand the test of time. At this year's HOCR, we gave it a new paint job and brought back our very first boat -- the Black "Z One." It was a glorious moment when this old boat, still stff and strong as ever, won Gold just as it had 20 years ago.  

We say thank you to our customers, coaches, rowers, and boatmen/women for trusting us over the years and representing our brand so very well! 



View our photos of the 2015 Head of the Charles Regatta on flickr


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HOCR Course Records