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08/06/2019 - Fall Boat Prep Check List

Somehow August is already in full swing and the fall season is screaming towards us.  Most teams will be on the water in 2-3 short weeks.  

As summer continues to fly by, the questions none of us like to ask or think about start to creep in.....

- Have you checked the equipment?  

- Are the wheels, tracks and shoes ready to go?

- Are the oars ready to go?

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Over the last couple years, we have developed a checklist to help you get ready. Here is a simple, quick and downloadable checklist to get your boatsready to go!

Boats - We recommend grabbing each of your boats out of the rack and give it the once over. Its better to do now, than the day you are trying to get on the water!

Boat Checklist <<download and take with you to the boathouse!

  • Shoes -
    • How is the condition?
    • Are they properly secured to the footboard?
    • [If you store outside] Are they free of rodents and nests?
    • Are all the shoes accounted for?
  • Seats and Wheels - Be sure to remove seat to properly clean and inspect-
    • Are all wheels clean?
    • Any signs of pitting or cracking?
    • Be sure to wipe down each wheel
  • Tracks -
    • Be sure to wipe clean each track.  Dust and grime will stick to the tracks in the off season
    • Are they pitted and need to be replaced?
  • Rigger / Backstays
    • Is the pin assembly complete?
    • Is the backstay straight or bent and needing replacement?
  • Rigging -
    • Are all the 8's and 4's set to the same specs?
    • Unless you have specific rigging for each boat, it never hurts to start with all boats at the same rig.

Oars - Don't forget to allocate time to check the oars!

Oar Check List <<download and take with you to the boathouse!

  • Oars
    • Are the oars are appropriately labeled with tape or lettering?
    • Do your oars need painting? [Call us!! We do this!!]
    • Set to uniform total length?
    • Oars set to uniform inboard and outboard length?
    • Are the clams are stored to be easily accessible for on the water practice