Boaty McBoatface: The Surprise of a Lifetime for One Rower

As a small-scale manufacturer of a high-end product, we often have the pleasure of having meaningful contact with our customers long after the sale has been made. It's one of the many things we love about being RESOLUTE. Not only do we have the honor of building fast boats for some of the most talented athletes in the world, it is our great enjoyment to know the stories and personal goals of those we serve. Those stories give meaning and value to the work we do -- and it shows.

Why Is It Important to Compensate for Leg Length Differential?

We’re rowers. We’re supposed to have back problems and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, right? Of course not! While it’s true that the nature of the sport places a tremendous demand on the spine and pelvis, pain in this area is highly preventable through technique modifications and, as we highlight here, an emphasis on a symmetrical stroke. When part of the body’s kinetic chain is off-kilter, it stands to reason that even a small degree of imbalance can affect joints all the way up the chain. One of the biggest offenders? A differential in leg length.

Club Spotlight: Holyoke Rows

Stephanie Holyoke Rows at Bayada Regatta

Holyoke Rows is a non-profit community organization located at Jones Ferry River Access Center along the Connecticut River in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In addition to developing high school programs for youth athletes, the club runs rowing programs for adults as well as adaptive rowing programs for people with disabilities.