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Adaptive 1X Hull

Para Rower RESOLUTE Adaptive Z1

An adaptive configuration starts with our Resolute 1X design in a Light or Heavyweight hull. Standard RESOLUTE racing shells are then modified to a rower's unique specifications. Example modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • High Performance Carbon Fiber Seats
  • Reinforced Decking
  • Adapted Riggers (customized for comfort)
  • Pontoons (to add stability depending on your rowing classification)
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Foot Stretchers & Quick-Release Straps 

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Adaptive Rowing Seat (Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel)


Our Adaptive Seat is an unparalleled solution to meet the adaptive needs of community programs and competitive adaptive rowing competitions alike. The seat provides a secure molded feeling with rounded edges, a memory foam cushion for comfort and safety and a thin profile back rest with ability to adjust to different angles. Coupled with proper rigging and pontoons, it will enable many types of differently-abled rowers to get out on the water.

  • SHELL-MOUNTED: Mounted with brackets to the seat track of the shell for a secure connection.
  • ERG-MOUNTED: Equally versatile for indoor rowing applications, it can be mounted to nearly any erg.

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From Above

Memory Foam Collapsible Back View Padded & Adjustable


ParaRowing Seat Testimonials

I have gotten some new people out on the water over the last few weeks, and we have used the new seats. Both the coach and I love the seats! You thought of everything from easy adjustment of the straps to the back to the neoprene covering so that your arms don't rub. Thank you for creating such a great product--it was well worth the wait!  

~ Margaret Stran, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Adapted Athletics, University of Alabama

What do I like about the Resolute Adaptive Seat? - Using other seats (flat with no curve), I had to add lots of elaborate padding in different places, around my legs, don’t have to modify with this seat.

~ Joannah Whitney, Holyoke Rows, Holyoke, MA



The Wheel Reinvented - SoftwheelAs a part of our overall “High Performance Adaptive” effort, the group has purchased and is making available a sizable inventory of SoftWheel wheelchair wheels at a measurable discount.  SoftWheel's proprietary suspension mechanism reduces painful frame vibration by more than 70% compared to standard rigid wheels...even returning energy back to the user. Available in 24" and 25," suspension compression is customized to each rider's weight. Financing options are available. Contact Blake Stouffer for information and pricing: (786) 252-9641.

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