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Resolute Adaptive

The RESOLUTE Adaptive Mission

We seek to change the dialogue in adaptive sport by creating performance-based products that improve the quality of athletic experience. By increasing comfort, improving ergonomics, optimizing safety and maximizing performance for para-athletes at all ranges of ability, we stand RESOLUTE in making a difference in the lives of the athletes we serve. We are committed to a unique design approach, offering superbly crafted products made specifically to support adaptive sport lifestyles.

Para Rower RESOLUTE Adaptive

The Difference Is In The Details

Part of what makes Resolute Adaptive stand above the rest is our unique approach to both design and construction. Using advanced materials and resin systems, Resolute Adaptive is powered by innovative manufacturing methods that ensure accuracy while maximizing material utilization. Our use of carbon fiber composites offer a wide range of advantages, including light weight, stiffness, high strength-to-weight ratio, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance. Our seats and other products have been tested for comfort, durability and optimal performance to ensure a positive experience for para-athletes of all ability ranges. 

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