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Resolute Racing - Monday, December 05, 2011



Dear Resolute Racing,

Since my high school career, I have had the awesome opportunity to practice and race in a variety of your shells, from fours to eights, and from lightweight to heavyweight hulls (of course, weighing in at 200+ lbs., I was never particularly fond of the lightweight boats).  In high school, I rowed with CRI (Community Rowing Inc.), a relatively new rowing club on the Charles River.

One Saturday morning during the cold New England winter, I won one of Resolute's hats - It was a white baseball style cap with "Resolute Racing" stitched on the front.  I had earned it after completing CRI's "10K for the Boat Bay" race, a 10K fundraiser on the ergs aimed to raise money for new equipment.  For some unexplainable reason, I was immediately drawn to this hat; for all I know, the reason could have been because of the huge endorphin surge the piece left me with.

Nevertheless, I began to wear the Resolute Racing hat ever since that day.  I wore it on the water and off the water, at practice and at races.  It has traveled internationally with me and has been caught in its fair share of photos.  After a while, it began to be an iconic hat that my teammates and friends would recognize me by.  It too has experienced sweat and tears (and because of this, it, unlike me, has had the chance to go through the washer machine many many times).

Upon coming to Stanford for my freshman year, I was excited for school, and also for rowing with my new teammates who came from places from England to Australia.  I couldn't wait to begin yet another season with my Resolute hat.  Unfortunately, however, I lost this hat within the first month of being here and have been devastated since.  I spent a week looking and asking around, but all of this was to no avail.  I had lost my favorite hat that had ultimately become a symbol of my rowing career.

Of course, I would not have been so upset by this loss if I were able to buy another white Resolute hat.  After contacting you in search of the same hat, however, I was devastated once again to find that this model from three years ago had become extinct and replaced by a newer version carrying the new "Z" logo.  Weeks later, when I learned that you were able to find one last lone white hat with the older logo on it, I could not express my immense gratitude and excitement.  I really do appreciate your efforts to look for another one of these hats - I have been privileged enough to practice and race in your shells from the first day as a novice to today as a member of Stanford's crew team.  I am incredibly excited to once again sport the iconic Resolute Racing hat.

Thank you,

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